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Iran landmarks you’ve never heard of



Hidden within the damp eco-friendly forests of Irans northern Gilan province is Rudkhan Castle a medieval military fortress whose roots predate an upswing of Islam in Iran

(Escort BURSA) — May possibly not perform everyones travel radar but Iran includes a well-worn tourist circuit encompassing points of interest within the ancient metropolitan areas of Shiraz and Isfahan

For individuals seeking to get from the beaten path the nation has an abundance of lesser-known locations that rival the stunning beauty and historic value of their more famous alternatives

Listed here are five of the greatest

Rudkhan Castle

Hidden within the damp eco-friendly forests of Irans northern Gilan province is Rudkhan Castle a medieval military fortress whose roots predate an upswing of Islam in Iran

Couple of foreign vacationers have visited the website that is a popular attraction among Iranians

Work began around the castle throughout the Persian Sassanid era between AD 224 and 651 Fans from the Ismaili sect (the infamous Assassins or Hashashin) are thought to possess refurbished and completed the fortress throughout the late eleventh to twelfth centuries

The hike to the castle that is situated along two peaks of the verdant mountain takes greater than an hour or so compelling many local people to Rudkhan the Castle of the 1000 Steps

After youve made the trek down again its worth preventing off for food around the drive back around the primary highway toward Rasht the main city of Gilan province Consider using a northern Iranian lunch in the exquisite Pich restaurant (Pich Restaurant Rasht to Anzali Highway Khomam Beltway 98 132 422 7554 ) The Torsh kabob — tenderloin marinated in pomegranate paste walnuts and garlic clove — is an especially appetizing regional niche

Bekhradi Historic House

This 400-year-old motel built-in Persias Safavid era features four with taste decorated multiroomed guest suites and it is the earliest house to become restored in Iran

Its restoration and artistic restoration required local interior designer and restoration specialist Morteza Bekhradi 5 years to engineer and finish

Peppered with stained-glass home windows and original artwork in the Safavid and subsequent Qajar eras the home sits between two gardens replete with fruits and wildflowers

The homes furniture was created by Bekhradi using wood in the chenar (plane) trees that line the roads and historic gardens of Isfahan

The designer states he searched for to remain in keeping with the setup from the original home that they states is thought to possess belonged to some Safavid-era aristocrat

The traditional heavy Iranian wooden doorways lining the entrances from the upstairs suites belonged towards the original house and were restored using chenar wood

Doorways through the relaxation from the historic residence which boasts an delicately decorated traditional hojreh room to cool down the and relaxation are chenar-wood replicas of Safavid originals

Up to now most visitors have found the motel only by person to person as well as local Isfahanis are just just beginning to discover this hidden jewel

Bekhradi Historic House 56 Sonbolestan Alley Ebn-e-Sina St Shohada Sq Isfahan 98 31 34482072

Soltaniyeh Dome

A UNESCO World Heritage site within the northwestern province of Zanjan the mausoleum of Oljaytu at Soltaniyeh is capped by among the mobile phone industry’s biggest domes

Built between 1302 and 1312 in Soltaniyeh the main city town of the Mongols Ilkhanid Empire the monument is really a mausoleum for Il-khan Oljeitu the Ilkhanids eighth ruler

Though a lot of the structures exterior coloring and tiles have faded with the centuries the intricate brickwork tilework and vibrant designs within the mausoleum have continued to be largely untouched

The initial double-shelled structure from the Soltaniyeh Dome can also be thought to possess affected the style of Indias Taj Mahal mausoleum

Interesting factoid Oljeitu was created to some Christian mother and baptized as Nicholas He later grew to become Buddhist after which transformed into Islam

He meant for the Soltaniyeh Dome to accommodate religious items but after clerics banned him from doing this he made the decision to help make the monument their own tomb

Appointments with the dome count sidetracking to Zanjan for any lunch of classic Iranian dizi or lamb and chickpea soup at Carvansarai Sangi (Zanjan Iran 98 241 326 1266) an old pit stop thats been converted to a popular local restaurant

Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel

About 30 miles outdoors the northwestern town of Tabriz lies the troglodyte village of Kandovan

People here reside in cone-formed caves withdrawn from volcanic rock in the feet of Mount Sahand an inactive volcano

Situated inside the 800-year-old village the Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel continues to be literally hands-created in to the rocky landscape with each one of the luxury hotels 16 up-to-date rooms encompassing a cave or karaan

Based on local lore standard water acquired from Mount Sahand lengthy valued throughout Iran because of its medicinal qualities came from within the scriptural Garden of Eden

Visitors from the hotel may take a calming absorb this precious liquid If there is a health spa tub within the room the standard water will get pumped in directly

Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel Kandovan Rd Kandovan 98 412 323 0191

Toghrol Tower

Toghrol Tower is really a Seljuk-era monument located in the town of Rey around the southern borders of Irans capital Tehran

Frequently overlooked by site visitors who have a tendency to stay with the greater-earnings northern and central regions of the Iranian capital Rey may be the earliest county in Tehran province and it is speckled with historic monuments together with a 500-year-old Safavid-era bazaar

The tower is stated for everyone because the mausoleum for Seljuk king Toghrol Beg who established Rey like a major administrative core Seljuk Empire until its destruction by Mongol armies in early thirteenth century

In the tower its a fast ride in to the heart of Tehrans Armenian quarter to round from the trip with coffee and Armenian pastries in the historic Coffee shop Naderi (Hotel Naderi and Coffee shop Jomhuri Eslami Avenue Tehran 98 21 66 701 872) a haunt visited for many years by Irans finest authors and intellectuals

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İçişleri Bakanlığı’ndan yeni koronavirüs genelgesi! Oteller sadece müşterine yemek hizmeti verebilecek



Son dakika: İçişleri Bakanlığı 81 il valiliğine “Konaklama Tesislerindeki Restoranlar” konulu genelge gönderdi. Genelgeye göre, otel ve konaklama tesislerindeki lokanta veya restoranlar sadece konaklama yapan müşterilerine yemek hizmeti verebilecek. Ayrıca bu işletmeler saat 22.00’den sonra müzik yayını yapamayacak.

İçişleri Bakanlığı, denetimler ve ihbarlar üzerine otel ve konaklama tesislerinin restoran ile lokantalarına yönelik valiliklere genelge gönderdi.


Genelgeye göre, otel ve konaklama tesislerindeki lokanta veya restoranlar sadece konaklama yapan müşterilere yemek hizmeti verebilecek.


Otel ve konaklama tesislerindeki lokanta veya restoranlar dışarıya paket servisi yoluyla satış yapamayacak.


Otel ve konaklama tesislerinde bulunan restoran, lokanta ve diğer salonlarında saat 22.00’den sonra her türlü müzik yayını yapılamayacak.

Bu doğrultuda;

1. Yeme-içme yerleri için getirilen kısıtlamalardan istisna tutulan otel ve konaklama tesislerindeki lokanta veya restoranlar sadece konaklama yapan müşterilerine yönelik yemek hizmeti verebilecek.

2. Otel ve konaklama tesislerindeki lokanta veya restoranların dışarıya paket servisi yoluyla satış yapmalarına müsaade edilmeyecek.

3. Bu yerlere yönelik denetim faaliyetleri yoğunlaştırılacak ve etkinliği artırılacak.

4. Kolluk kuvvetlerince yapılan denetimlerde, otel ve konaklama tesislerindeki lokanta veya restoranlarda bulunan müşterilerin Kimlik Bildirme Kanunu çerçevesinde bildirimde bulunulan kişiler arasında olup olmadığının muhakkak kontrol edilecek.

5. Kimlik Bildirme Kanunu çerçevesinde yapılan bildirimlerle otel ve konaklama tesislerinin kendi kayıtları arasında tutarsızlık olup olmadığının denetlenecek.

6. Otel ve konaklama tesislerinde bulunan restoran, lokanta ve diğer salonlarında saat 22.00’den sonra müzik yayınına (canlı müzik, kayıt dinletilmesi vb. her türlü yayın dahil) hiçbir şartta yapılamayacak.

Vali ve kaymakamlarca yukarıda belirtilen esaslar doğrultusunda Umumi Hıfzıssıhha Kanununun 27’nci ve 72’nci maddeleri uyarınca İl/İlçe Umumi Hıfzıssıhha Kurulları kararlarının ivedilikle alınması ve uygulamada herhangi bir aksaklığa meydan verilmeyecek.


Belirlenen esaslara aykırı uygulama yaptığı veya eğlence yeri şeklinde faaliyetlerde bulunduğu tespit edilen otel ve konaklama tesislerine Umumi Hıfzıssıhha Kanununun ve Turizmi Teşvik Kanununun ilgili maddeleri gereğince idari işlem tesis edilecek.


Konusu suç teşkil eden davranışlara ilişkin Türk Ceza Kanununun 195’inci maddesi kapsamında gerekli adli işlemler başlatılacak.

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Egypt victim rights centre files appeal



An Egyptian center that can help alleged torture sufferers and documents their cases has vowed to carry on to operate despite a purchase for this to seal lower

Authorities had because of the Nadeem Center until Monday to cease activities saying it had breached rules

The audience has filed a sudden appeal from the decision

Privileges groups have criticised Egypt because of its attack on dissent among an outburst of reported torture of detainees Authorities deny the accusations

El Nadeem Center for Rehab of Sufferers of Violence has operated since 1993 supplying support and guidance to sufferers of torture

The organisation was because of be closed last Wednesday charged with breaking unspecified health ministry rules But government bodies decided to delay an order allow it time for you to contest the choice

Aida Seif alDawla the particular groups director stated the proceed to close it had been political

Human privileges groups have criticised the measure saying it comes down at any given time when enforced disappearances are rising and among growing worry about accusations of torture through the police and intelligence services

Activists accuse security forces of torturing detainees as well as detaining suspected activists or militant Islamists without confirming their busts accusations declined through the government

Egyptian Leader Abdul Fattah alSisi brought the militarys overthrow of Islamist Leader Mohammed Morsi in 2013 following mass protests

Since that time as much as 40000 individuals are believed to possess been detained The USbased Human Privileges Watch describes the attack as ferocious

Greater than 1000 protesters mostly Islamists happen to be wiped out around the roads

Egyptian authorities deny the Arab mobile phone industry’s most populous nation has came back towards the repression of history

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Extinct plant discovered in amber



Biologists have referred to a brand new types of extinct plant according to two fossil flowers which were held in portions of amber not less than 15 million years

Strychnos electri goes towards the genus whose tropical bushes trees and vines are renowned for creating the deadly contaminant strychnine

The United States scientists referred to it as following the Greek word for amber (elektron) – the fossilised resin of lengthy-dead trees

Their discovery seems within the journal Character Plants

The 2 flowers were among 500 fossils collected on the 1986 area visit to Professor George Poinar of Or Condition College

Prof Poinar is really a famous entomologist and many of these individuals were bugs But after nearly 3 decades focusing on the bugs his eye chosen the flowers

These were remarkably complete – unlike most plant fossils present in amber that are usually just fragments

In 2015 he sent high-resolution photos to Professor Lena Struwe at Rutgers College

Most likely poisonous

These flowers appeared as if they’d just fallen from the tree stated Prof Poinar I figured they could be Strychnos and that i sent these to Lena since i understood she was a specialist for the reason that genus

Prof Struwe go about evaluating the physique from the flowers to any or all 200 known Strychnos species brushing the collections of multiple museums and herbaria

The figures mostly accustomed to identify types of Strychnos are flower morphology and thats what we should fortunately have with this fossil stated Prof Struwe

I checked out each specimen of ” New World ” species captured pics of and measured it and in comparison it towards the photo George sent me I requested myself How can the fur around the flower petals look? Where would be the fur situated? and so forth

For that creatures from the late cretaceous S electri was most likely not so good eating

Types of the genus Strychnos are nearly all toxic in some manner stated Prof Poinar

Each plant features its own alkaloids with different effects Many are more toxic than the others also it might be that they are effective as their poisons offered some defence against herbivores

The favourite such alkaloid strychnine is really a contaminant that when created the foundation of numerous rat poisons – in addition to being certainly one of Norman Batess murder weapons within the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho

However these plants also fall inside the asterid family including greater than 80000 flowering plants including most of the ones humans eat from taters and mint to sunflowers and coffees

The brand new discovery is an important accessory for the fossil record of the family that is very poorly understood

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